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Supporting a sustainable future with our shipping packaging

Here at Clairessense we choose to use cosmeceuticals and products that are Botanical, vegan and or Organic.  So it seems only right that we use sustainable compostable recycled packaging for shipping our shop products to you! we now use r3packnz products to ensure we do our bit for the environment. [...]

Supporting a sustainable future with our shipping packaging2019-08-26T09:07:23+12:00

Should you use Skincare Oils in Summer?

The short answer is YES. Although putting oil on your skin in summer might seem like a bad idea, modern skincare oils are very different to the dangerous tanning oils we might have used in the past.They are packed with skin-loving ingredients and are easily absorbed, helping your skin deal with the effects [...]

Should you use Skincare Oils in Summer?2018-11-16T13:18:58+13:00

Exercise Your Skin

It’s common knowledge that exercise is beneficial for the human body. Numerous studies reaffirm this fact. Most of us are familiar with the fact that exercise reduces your risk of heart problems, promotes mental health, etc. etc. Moderate exercise can also be “beauty good” too. First and foremost, perspiration is ideal for [...]

Exercise Your Skin2018-11-16T13:19:24+13:00

Characteristics of male skin

A man’s skin is between 16 and 20 percent thicker than that of a woman. It therefore ages later but more abruptly and when wrinkles appear, they are deeper. With regular skincare, this onset can be delayed. The first signs of ageing appear later (after 40) but men’s skin then marks [...]

Characteristics of male skin2018-11-16T13:19:50+13:00


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