Here’s a few examples of commonly asked questions. If any questions are not answered here please feel free to get in touch via email and we will endeavour to answer.

Generally asked waxing questions

Hard Wax is a peel off wax applied thickly on the skin and removed with the therapists fingertips. It is used for waxing sensitive & delicate areas such as eyebrows, upper lip, facial waxing, underarms, bikini line & Brazilian(genital) waxing.

Strip Wax is applied thinly using a wooden spatula or heated wax cartridge and removed with a waxing strip; this is great for larger areas of skin such as the legs, arms, back, chest and some facial waxing.

Depending on your sensitivity and if you have previously experienced waxing then this can be either comfortable or a little uncomfortable. But we have ways of assisting to reduce the discomfort.

You can choose to shave alternatively between appointments however it is best to continue to wax only as it will make the hair softer, reduce growth and thickness.

In most cases the hair can be waxed directly, however if the hair is long it can take longer and may hurt more than if the hair was shorter. The therapist may decide to trim the hair first to improve the experience.
You should never be asked to fully undress. For a Brazilian you will need to remove your underwear however the professional therapist will ensure you have a towel and work with discretion and to your level of comfort. If necessary, you will be supplied with a G-String that can be repositioned during the treatment.

Leg waxing

Most people will do the full leg in summer time or for special occasion, and half the leg in winter or alternate half and full each wax.

If you are planning to tan for a special occasion and wax you should book the wax first and then book your tan a few days later once the skin has settled.

Leg waxing involves spreading a warmed wax from a cartidge on the leg in strips in the direction of the growth of the skin. Then the wax is removed with cotton strips quickly. The skin is pre pared with a cleanser first and a post wax spray to settle the skin and remove any excess wax.

Most men have long thick hair on their legs. The hair will be trimmed if it is deemed too long to be comfortable to be waxed. This is done with a trimmer and then a warmed strip wax application will be applied and stripped off with cotton strips.


No – you will never be requested to remove all of your clothing. For a full body massage or facial, you will be supplied with a towel wrap. Areas that are not being immediately massaged remain covered to retain warmth to the muscles.

For general massage a professional massage oil is used. These oils are plant based and non toxic. For therapeutic treatments a massage crème is used which is made from organic and botanical products. These products are made and sourced from within NZ. Be sure to let your therapist know if you have any allergies prior to treatment.

Massage is more commonly administered by using hand and pressure movements to the body. However, during the massage additional accessories may be used such as hot stones, rollers and heat pads depending on the treatment.

Before the treatment, a consultation with the therapist will ensure the objective of the massage is understood so that the correct treatment can be applied. The massage takes place in a soft ambiance, of low lighting, relaxing music, images and essences.

There are some conditions that would prevent your therapist from carrying out a massage treatment. Such as being unwell with flu or a cold, open wounds, skin irritations, rashes, immediately after surgery and some medical treatment. Your therapist with complete a consultation form prior to treatment.

Bikini & Brazilian Waxing

This is also known as the ‘american’ as the client wears their bikini pants and a paper towel is tucked into the pants. Any hair exposed is then removed and forms a ‘triangle’.

A Brazilian is the removal of pubic hair. There are many types of waxing to the pubic area, with a full removal of hair from the inner thighs, labia and rear known as a full monty or Brazilian. Some people opt for leaving some hair in place such as the french wax or ‘landing strip’ which is a strip at the front.

If you have never had a brazilian before, it is recommended to start with a bikini wax and then google the type of Brazilian ‘Style’ that you would like. Some women prefer to start off with the bikini and reduce down, others will go for the complete removal first time.

Most of the hair yes. However, there will be some hairs that need to be tweezed out where possible.

If you have never had a brazilian before, it may take 30-45 minutes depending on the density of the hair. For repeat sessions it is generally less than 30 minutes.

Mens Waxing

That depends on a few things. It is normally the apprehension of the experience that can affect your response to waxing. Generally your first wax should be relatively painless, it depends on the length and density of the hair area to be waxed.

Don’t worry, we can start with a small sample area and see how you go from there. Taking an anti-inflammatory in advance can help.

Yes, these days it is not uncommon for men to want to remove hair from their speedo line and or from their buttocks. A full Brazilian is not as common.

Men’s hair is naturally denser and thicker hence it does take a little longer to remove in smaller sections. Because of this we will trim the hair to a suitable length so that it reduces the discomfort that comes with full hair length removal.

If you are having a speedo wax, wear the speedos or underwear that will be the shape you would expect to wear. Alternatively, clairessense provide men’s disposable G-strings so we can work around the area.

Relax and don’t drink alcohol beforehand. If you are really nervous we can apply numbing cream, however, some have mixed reactions as to whether this works for them. We will start with a small section and go from there. Yes, it will not be comfortable to start, but you will get used to it and we do our best to make you comfortable. You may be a little red in the skin post the wax but this will pass quickly and do not exercise or rub lotion on the area afterwards.


What you expect from a facial treatment is discussed with the therapist at the time of consultation. Clairessense is not a skin dermatology specialist, but will consult on known skin conditions and types and in conjunction with Evolu have teamed their product range to suit condition and combination treatments. One off treatments will give an instant effect, but for longer lasting and progressive results multiple sessions are required.

During the consultation process, the clairessense consultant will discuss the product used and any of your historic experiences and products used to ensure there are no conflicts of ingredients that would potentially cause or trigger a reaction to your allergy or skin. Note that upon stimulating the skin from massage and product, there is an expected response from the skin to the treatment, but should not be detrimental to the existing condition.