Cosmetic Fillers for Face and Lips

Thanks to Social Media and Celebrity exposure of cosmetic enhancements we are constantly bombarded by new and old procedures to ‘Beat the Aging Process’.

Here at Clairessense we offer only safe and proven procedures – and these take time and repeat treatments and at home care to maintain your investment.

If you are considering cosmetic surgery, tattoos or fillers please do call me and talk through the pros and cons. I am impartial to preference however have experienced cosmetic and enhancements myself and stand by my traditional yet effective technology and salon brand TUEL as an effective Organic Botanical Product range that produces results.

As I am a qualified Esthetician not Aesthetician (who are qualified to work in injectables) I urge you to seek advice and read up on procedures that you are considering. It is a big investment and there are always side effects or potentially disappointment at results to consider wisely.

Here as some recent links to fillers and procedures that you may find interesting

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