Summer skin post

Summers coming and there is no better time to get your skin regime ready to prepare.  Retaining moisture, maintaining hydration and sunscreen are the obvious key skin necessities.  However here are a few more tips especially for aging, damaged or preventing premature aged skin.

  • If Applying self-tanning products – Exfoliate away the dead skin cells to release and expose the new skin cells – this will allow a smoother and more even base for the tanning product to react and last longer.
  • Before going out in the sun, Prepare the face first with a layer of an antioxidant serum with vitamin C or green tea extract then apply a good organic Sunscreen – shop our Coola range here
  • For smoothing and fighting wrinkles, aging skin responds well to Retinol – a derivate of vitamin A.  However, it does make you more sun sensitive.  It is best to apply in the evening before bed so it can work its magic and absorb – but always wear a facial sunscreen.
  • Protect the lower lip as it is always exposed to the sun – apply an organic lip balm as soon as you awaken. If you do suffer from cold sores from sunburn start taking a Lysine supplement.
  • If you do damage your lips apply a lip treatment to help with the repair such as Evolu Lip Treatment
  • Choose natural mineral based Foundations that have an SPF in them to apply over a sunscreen for added protection.
  • Water – Water – Water! Ensure you remain hydrated during the day and apply good quality moisturisers to arms décolletage and legs to retain moisture to the skin. Shop the Evolu Body Butter for a Bon Bon Vegan Body Butter for smooth all over body moisturiser.
  • Don’t forget to treat your feet during Summer – don’t just paint the toe nails but give your feet a good buff and massage in a good foot balm before bed to help your feet absorb the moisture they have lost during the day when exposed in sandals and sand.