Express but not rushed, this facial is a double cleanse tone, ex-foliation and moisturise. (Includes consultation).

30 min | $45.00

Cleanse, tone and ex-foliation followed by a massage, treatment mask appropriate for your skin condition finishing with a moisturise.

45 min | $55.00

Specially helpful for acne prone skin that needs a deep cleanse doesn’t use abrasive or irritant formulations with the use of vapour and ozone treatment.
Includes use of electrical application to target problem areas.

45 min | $85.00

Sensitive skin doesn’t mean you need to avoid treatments. Specially formulated product and a bit of pampering can make a great difference.
Includes consultation, cleanse, tone, light exfoliant, mask, machine treatment and product application.

1 Hour | $85.00

Aging skin needs to be looked after to retain moisure tone and condition. Using specially formulated products and masks this treatment will leave your skin feeling toned and hydrated. Includes machine treatment suitable to your skin condition.

1 Hour | $85.00

Dermaplaning is the removal of dead skin layers and the soft ‘Vellus’ hair on a woman’s face. The treatment is performed by a trained aesthetician and uses a surgical blade to ‘scrape’ the surface of the skin.

1 hr | $80.00